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Aerith, as she always did, sat on her knees by the flourishing and growing flower bed in the Church of the Sector Five Slums, Midgar. It was like any other day, boring but pleasant, the flowers kept her on her toes and it was just as well, being alone caused her to think of the one she lost, the one she loved first, the way she felt him die… 

She never allowed herself to grieve for Zack, it had been seven years now and not once had a tear fell for him, it wasn’t that she didn’t care it was just that she had to be strong, she had a fear that if she let one single tear slip from her piercing emerald green eyes then she wouldn’t ever be able to stop them and her body would dry up. 

Keeping best was busy. 

Humming a tune to herself, she was interrupted from her melody as she heard the large church doors creak open, for a split second she had hope it was going to be him, Zack. 

Looking towards the door in desperate hope, a tall man with medium length grey hair entered the church instead. He was dressed all in leather and looked like someone she wished to forget too..

She hadn’t been expecting any visitors either

"Hello" she said with a friendly smile, deciding that greeting the stranger wouldn’t go a miss "Here to see the flowers?" she asked, everyone who was anyone knew of her famous flowers if they were from Midgar or not.  

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